The Cycle Strongman Expedition




“It began with a dream to travel the world and grew into something extraordinary; to complete an unassisted, low emission, solo circumnavigation of the planet on a humble bicycle.

Having commenced in March 2009, the Cycle Strongman Expedition (CSX) is a test both physically and mentally. The eight year odyssey will involve cycling around the globe (covering Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the Americas), sailing across two oceans and eight seas and (if luck, health and good winds have it) all the way back home again.”

Chris Roach

Founder, The Cycle Strongman Expedition




2 Responses to “The Cycle Strongman Expedition”

  1. Hey Buddy,

    Thanks for the plug! Missing the old time in Leeds with a pint in hand chewing the fat. Hope you can join the expedition at some stage in the near future! Great photos by the way, never knew you had a dormant artist lying inside!

    Happy cycling!

    • paulrinder Says:

      You soft auzzie,

      I am happy that you are ok and still cycling. There are few people only that I am proud of in this world and you are one of them ;).

      Keep up the good job and I will try to support as I can. For the beginig I would like to get to myself and to my friends some T shirts with CSX ( can I buy them online?) and also send some money from time to time. If I have all this details on your website it’s fine.

      Take care buddy.


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