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Barcelona = Parallel

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Early morning.

Parque del Laberint d’horta

 Tramvia Blau

Cosmo Caixa

Tropical rain forest inside CosmoCaixa.

“Down under.”

Parc Guell, view from the top.

Parc Guell, view of the top.

  (to be continued…)


Blue of Greece

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View from the top of Navagio beach in Zakynthos in Greece. The blue color is as surprised by the camera.


Top view to the right looking at three lonely boats. The same electric blue sea.



Now at the sea level, yacht at Navagio, preparing for departure…


and a small motor boat waiting to pick up the tourists from the beach.

View towards the shipwreck from the sea level and …

 from the shipwreck towards the sea.

Agios Ionnis

Agios Ioannis, not far away from Navagio on the Western side of the island.